Resilience isn’t a hindsight exercise.


People say the word a lot, but what does it mean?

Resilience isn’t a hindsight exercise.

The dictionary, rightly, defines resilience as: “the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.”

Are you resilient as an individual though? Is your community resilient?

This is the bit people get confused constantly.

The ability to get back on track does not necessarily mean getting everything back to just how it was before whatever test or disaster came. Resilience isn’t a hindsight exercise.

You can’t be ready for the next thing by constantly rebuilding to the standard which existed before the last thing.

In truth, resilience is not your ability to recover or take your original shape. Resilience is being able to flex and bend as the world changes around you, so the adverse effects don’t land or cause you disruption.

Resilience is about shaping your life, your community, and your business today so it can recover from tomorrow.

Build your capacity to meet the world on the horizon. Keep your eyes on the risk and reshaping ahead.

If you are truly resilient, you don’t need to expend too much effort on recovery. Your toughness is embedded in the very fabric of your approach to life. You don’t have to spring back into shape if you’ve used your inherent elasticity to bend around a problem.

Part of being resilient is being prepared to mitigate the risks which haven’t yet solidified. The more prepared you are the more resilient you become.

Start every day with one question: am I resilient now?

Can you survive a week without the power on?

Will your business make it through a lockdown without assistance?

Is your community capable of taking care of its vulnerable without external support?

In answering those questions you need to understand the costs of each, from inconvenience to loss of life. How will you recover from those costs? Can you recover?

Most importantly of all, ask yourself how you can reshape your world so the problems don’t hit you in the first place.

The more prepared you are the more resilient you become.

If the world you live in can be so damaged by events that recovery is a factor you’ll have to accept, you aren’t doing it right.

The world is not ours to control. Largely we have no say or deciding vote in what the future holds or which direction things will turn. Our influence, our agency, is over ourselves.

This is how we get stronger together. By redesigning everything through a deeper understanding of the risks on our horizon and by learning that the rear-view mirror does not hold the answers.

How we respond to the world is on us. So, at every step, we must drive positive change in our own lives and within the spheres of influence we have access to in order to drive positive change. The more resilient we are as individuals, the more resilient we are together.

This is what it means to get stronger together.

Drive. Positive. Change.

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