Coronavirus (COVID-19)

What are the symptoms of the Coronavirus?

You may suffer from a fever, a persistent cough, and a shortness of breath.

Other symptoms may include headaches, fatigue and general feelings of being unwell.

The symptoms are similar in some ways to colds and the flu.

Is Coronavirus contagious?

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is highly contagious. If you have a fever or a persistent cough, isolate immediately.

Your family unit should stay isolated for 14 days to prevent the risk of infection to others.

The virus is particularly dangerous to the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

What does Coronavirus mean for the UK?

The UK Government strategy to contain the virus has failed and was based on incorrect analysis relating to a different kind of pneumonia. This approach may cause 250,000 deaths according to scientists who have reviewed the approach.

There is a significant risk to everyone in the United Kingdom, in particular the elderly and those with underlying health issues.

A peak in the epidemic will put significant pressure on the NHS, with many times more critical care beds needed than currently exist.

We do not currently have enough ventilators which may be needed in the treatment process and the Government has asked the manufacturing industry to divert resources to this issue. This may not be possible in reality.

Global supply chains and stock markets have experienced significant disruptions and the effects of this may last many years.

Because of a lack of national preparedness activity by the Government in recent years, the population is largely not ready for crisis situations. There has already been panic buying of Pasta, Toilet Paper, and Hand Sanitiser.

Due to the number of people who will be isolated or quarantined, supermarket delivery services are already facing disruption as demand outstrips availability.

Many companies will cease trading and a significant number of jobs are at risk.

Covid-19 Resource Centre

You can access all of our Coronavirus COVID-19 resources via the main menu.

For reliable public health advice visit the WHO website or follow them on social media.

Wherever possible, stay at home and remember the Four Keeps approach:

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